The Pink Parlour Festival

The Pink Parlour Festival

We had the best time at The Pink Parlour Festival!  I love all things that are handmade and I have to say, the caliber of artists that held booths at the festival was amazing!

First off, if you’ve never been to the Santa Anita Race Track, go. 

My kids loved the experience, being able to see race horses in action is really exciting (no we didn’t gamble).  It was gorgeous!  Very green, old style Copa Cabanish and a gorgeous day over all!

The event was in doors (away from the horse smell) and very pink.  There wasn’t a corner of the festival that wasn’t draped in pink…I loved it!  It very much had the air of entering a dressing room or someone’s boudoir.  They had everything from tutus for the girls, organic soaps and lotions, vintage style purses and hats and pin-up posters, drawings, and photos for the hubby.  I don’t know if the theme is intentionally Pin-up-ish (very Dita Von Teese-esque) or what, but for the most part, most of the vendors were.

My girls spent most of the time going from vendor to vendor getting free candy, my niece looking for all things Elvis and my hubby making himself scarce (it was a girly event).  Although it was small, we spent most of our time stopping and talking to the vendors about their products, how they were made and the sort.

The event was a first for us and we enjoyed the new experience.  It will definitely be something to look forward to next year!

Below are the links to a few of the vendors I just absolutely adored!

Chula Inc


Lil’ Darlin’ Accessories

Mango Pop

Miss Alphabet

My Mayan colors

Tattooed Beauty





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