[purs-A-foh-bee-uh] -noun
A persistent, irrational fear of women’s purses that leads to a compelling desire to avoid them.

Is it just me or do all men have an irrational fear of purses? For the life of me I can’t get my hubby to go anywhere near my purse.

Take yesterday for example, I’m trying to unwind in a nice hot bath and he comes barging in asking for my car keys. To which I reply, that they’re in my purse (where they always are). Can you believe me that not 5 minutes later he comes back with my purse in tow so I can get them out for him? Seriously!?! Will it swallow your hand if you stick it in there? Or are you afraid some girly product is going to rub against your skin, marring you forever? I don’t get it! I certainly don’t have an issue diving into his wallet if I need something.

His excuse? He doesn’t want to invade my privacy…

Umm…doesn’t he consider interrupting my nice relaxing bath an invasion of privacy?

And what’s so private about my purse? The anti-bacterial foam I carry around for the kids or the boogey wipes? In fact, the only thing I really have in my purse for me is my license, cell phone, and ATM. Other than that, what does he think I have in there, the pool boy?

And he says I have irrational fears….

The next time he makes fun of me for freaking out about a lizard coming in the house, I’m throwing my purse at him!


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