Organization is a Mid-Life Crisis?

Organization is a Mid-Life Crisis?

For the sake of my hubby’s sanity, I revisited my whole “organize my life” plan this week. You know what? I’m not as crazy as he thinks. Almost everyone at some point goes through some type of mid-life crisis, identity crisis, and/or mental breakdown. I’m probably not to far away from any of those…lol… but for the sake of my sanity, I need to make a change for the better. Change isn’t something he takes too well, but guess what? He’s just going to have to find another way to stay sane; it’s not good to be so dependent on me for that….especially since my sanity is slipping! 🙂

Since he’s a visual learner, I decided to work on a family vision board. I’m thinking that if he can see the direction that I’m going in, he’ll understand exactly what I’m trying to do, and hopefully join in to make the process smoother. As I mentioned in my previous post, routines are a great way to keep on track. So I figure, if we make a routine as a family to accomplish one thing a week to get closer to our goals, the rewards will be that much sweeter!

If he really thinks about it, we’ve already started the ball rolling by reorganizing our finances. I don’t want organization or routine building to be something that needs to be done when things start to go south; I want to do it to prevent things from getting that far…if that makes sense. Not to mention, I have little girls to think of and God willing, they’ll eventually be running families and households of their own, what better tools can I give them than my examples?

The family vision board, as with all vision boards is a work in progress. I’m sure we’ll be adding things and taking things off along the way as we accomplish goals and think of new ones. I’ll be sure to post it as soon as I can get everyone in agreement of this year’s goals.


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