New year, new resolutions!

New year, new resolutions!

I’ve created a million resolutions over the years and have yet to complete one! From losing weight, to eating healthier, exercising, organizing, etc. So, this year I’m only going to resolve to commit to one thing.

I’ve been a subscriber to FlyLady for a while now and I’ve started the program over and over again. I have yet to perfect it, but I stick with it because it works. Basically what the website is, is an online organizational coach. With emails and print outs, it teaches you how to take baby steps to organize your life, house, etc. It’s really neat because it breaks down daunting tasks into little baby steps making your goals easier to achieve. For example, for the life of me I can’t seem to clean every part of the house everyday, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get that done, take/pick-up the kids from school, cook dinner, do laundry, etc. So what FlyLady does is break it down into doable steps. It’ll concentrate on one room of the house to be cleaned thoroughly (in baby steps) throughout the week, all while still cleaning (maintaining) the rest of the house clean. It even becomes fun, believe it or not.

What does that have to do with resolutions? Well, that’s my one resolution for the year, to Organize everything in my life (my house, my body, everything)! Small feat? Yeah right! Not with my life, but I’m determined to make it happen and with help from you guys, I’m sure I’ll get there! 🙂


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