DIY: Turning Tees into Tanks in 5 Easy Snips

DIY: Turning Tees into Tanks in 5 Easy Snips

This Southern California weather has me sweating!!!  I’ve run out of cute stylish tanks and this heat has me refusing to go out shopping for more.  How do you beat the heat, stay indoors, and get some new tanks!?!  Why, revamp some tees into tanks of course!

Honestly, I love all of the shirts I revamped and I would wear them more if they were tanks.  However, for the sake of keeping the length of this DIY blog short, I’ll just show you one tee.  Technically, I did the same to all of them, they’re all just different prints, but you’ll get the gist of what I’m doing.

As you can see below, it’s just a regular crew neck t-shirt.  This one is actually big on me, but the outcome is the same.

Folded TeeSnip t-shirt:

1. & 2. Cut both sleeves off just along the inside of the seam

3. & 4. Cut off the folded over ends of the sleeves

5. Cut off top, just below the crew neck

See Below:

Cut patternOnce all snipped, fold over the top cuts (front and back, not together), pin and sew into place.  Remember to allow room for straps to be pushed through. 

To create straps, cut open the strips of sleeve you removed and sew one end to the other, making one long strap.  Thread through both sides of the top of the shirt.  Once both sides are threaded, you can sew the other two ends together, making your tank top straps. 

I loved it so much, I recently wore this on our day trip through Yosemite, have a look:

Transformed Tee at YosemiteIt’s a good thing I mostly wear long sleeves and sweaters in the winter, because I have a feeling I’ll be turning more tees into tanks this summer!  What are you favorite tee transformations, maybe I’ll try one of those too!?!



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