please leave nothing but your feetprint

What do you do when spring break comes around and haven’t planned/saved for a vacation!?! You enjoy a staycation!

Growing up, vacation wasn’t a word I was familiar with. We usually visited family a couple of hours away, but that was the extent of our outings. Dad and Mom worked non-stop and it just wasn’t feasible to plan for a vacation for a family of 6, not to mention, we really did love being home. Southern California has so much to offer, so much so, that people plan their vacations to come here, to our backyard.

Needless to say, our kids get the best of both worlds. Between a yearly camping trip in Yosemite, one of the most famous National Parks in the U.S. and an “away” vacation every other year, our travel calendars are quite full. But I have to admit, having staycations with our kids are the best.

For indoor adventures, we can visit local historical sites, missions, museums, and more. And for outdoor fun, the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains are practically in our backyard where we have access for a quick hike and/or picnic in the forest. But by far, one of the best things about Southern California is that from just about anywhere, you can essentially visit the city, mountains, beaches, or desert within less than an hours drive. So planning a few of our favorite activities for this spring break is pretty easy.

Amusement Parks

Although the cost of living in So Cal is pretty high, exploring the sights doesn’t have to be. About the only splurge we allow ourselves is our Disneyland Annual passes. It doesn’t matter what time of week or year you visit, it’s a horrible experience if the park is packed, not to mention, pretty much a waste of money.  Between long lines for rides, food, and bathrooms, most of your day is gone trying to maneuver around the crowds. This is why we invest in the annual pass. It’s close enough to go and visit when we want, ride a few rides, leave when it’s too crowded and go back some other day.


Museums are another fun exciting activity we enjoy. With so many museums to choose from and a variety of different free museum days to go on, why wouldn’t we take advantage of it!?! Some of our favorites are the California Science Center, the Natural History Museum, and the Discovery Cube, but there are so many! Click on the hyperlink above for a full list of free dates and times.


California is famously known as the Golden State for many reasons, the gold rush, the golden gate bridge, but mostly for it’s golden sunshiny days and what better way to soak up those rays than heading to the beach!?! A few of our favorites are Huntington Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Laguna Beach, and Cabrillo beach & aquarium, just to name a few. But with so many to go to, how do you choose? It just depends what kind of adventure you’re up for. Some beaches are more about sightseeing and walking the pier or boardwalk. Others are just to put your feet in the sand and splash in the water. Yet others still, are most famous for night time bonfires by the beach. I’ve attached a list of beaches, that has been divided up by counties and has something for everyone. Have a look!

So, between using our Disney pass to visit Mickey, soaking up some rays at the beach, picking a few historical sites to tour, and catching some free museum days, what could possibly be left to do during spring break!?!  How about doing just that…..taking a break. Sneaking in some naps. Maybe visiting family. Catching a movie. I don’t know. But the best part of a Staycation is just that, being able to stay home and not rush around cramming in everything you possibly can, as we often do on vacation.