Like most people that start out a new workout regimen, I’ve over exerted myself! The number one reason people quit their new workout routine is because they over do-it, they let pain and fatigue set in and throw in the towel. I’m not quite there yet, but I am severely sore! But I expected this, so I had a pain plan in place.

1. Medication – I usually have anti-inflammatories readily available anyway due to neck pain (my atlas slips every now and then), so I make sure to have a stash in cases of emergency.

2. Vitamins – Back in the day when I did workout at the gym, a little old lady (that was in great shape) told me that the best way to beat post workout pain was a daily vitamin C pill.

3. Water – One of the reasons we take so long to get over achy muscles is because we let the toxins build in them, instead of flushing them out.

4. Stretching – Stretching out the sore muscles helps release those toxins to be able to be flushed out faster.

5. Epsom Salts – I love relaxing in my whirlpool tub, so this is a no-brainer for me.

6. Reiki – Before my hysterectomy a couple of summers ago, I took a class in this ancient technique of moving energy in the body to where it needs to be to naturally heal. It did wonders; I had the staples out by the third day after my surgery and was off the pain meds by the fourth! So having this in my pain management arsenal is my secret weapon.

7. Arnica – It’s very much like Tiger Balm and Icy/Hot. It’s an ointment that soothes pain. I don’t use this often, unless I’m in tremendous pain because of the smell and it can stain clothes, but when I do use it, it works immediately.

With my pain plan in place, I have one less excuse to bail out on organizing my body. I figure that with less excuses in place, I’m giving myself more of a chance in succeeding with my workout plan. I’ll let you all know how it goes, but until then, I’ll be soaking in the tub! LOL!


Check out these chair exercises from the Dr. Oz show!  I started doing these on Tuesday and I love them.  After the whole running incident, I decided to start with slow low impact exercises and these are a great way to start.  Even though they look easy (which they are), you still feel the burn and it’s better than doing nothing.  I figure doing anything is better than doing nothing when it comes to exercising.

I further researched Flirty Girl Fitness which is the fitness crew that demonstrated these chair exercises on the Dr. Oz show.  I found their website along with a few exercise videos on YouTube and they really live up to their name!  A bit on the risque side, but definitely a growing trend in the exercise industry.  I had a friend that did the whole stripper pole exercise routine and she swore by the results, it’s a full body workout.  Of course with two little girls at home, I really don’t think I’ll be putting in a stripper pole, plus it doesn’t go with my decor….lol!  For now, I’ll be keeping to my low impact and slow running routine until I build up my cardio and endurance, but I thought I would share with everyone. Enjoy!


Not really, but sort of. Okay, so I have to admit going from zero running to running isn’t very smart. I mean, seriously, I’m not that out of shape, or so I thought. I walk alot and I don’t easily get fatigued, but I don’t make a focused effort to do alot of walking. I walk out of necessity and not for exercise. So here I am, working on week 2 of organizing my life and since I concentrated on eating healty last week, I though this week I’d work on continuing to organize my body by putting it in motion. At first my goal was to lose weight, but after my run today, I think I’m just going to work on not losing my breath.

I was so proud of myself today, I got all dressed up in my running gear, I streched out, and got Roscoe ready to take quick jog. Since he has short legs and quickly gets winded I thought that I was starting off slow by taking him along. Little did I know, he’s more in shape than I am! I kid you not, it only took me only a minute to get winded!!! He looked at me like I was crazy and I’m sure it confused him to see me with my tongue out, panting, chest pounding, and pulling his leash to a stop, it’s usually the other way around!!!

Needless to say, I’m taking the girls along for a brisk walk from now on. At least I can blame them for taking it slow….lol! Well, only until I work on getting my cardio up to a point of not passing out. Top it all off, I think I got bruises on my chin (I’m a bit top heavy), I need to invest in a good sports bra! Who knew going for a run would be such an event!?!